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    Application inventory of conveyor chains in various industries

    2021-04-12 14:43:56

    Conveyor chain food production:

    1. Bread production: roller chain 08B-1, 12B-1, 16B-1, Renold Syno 12B-1; bread fermentation conveyor chain is about 300 meters.

    2. Conveyor chain Chocolate: roller conveyor chain 16B-1 or non-standard roller chain, chain plastic guide rail

    3. Conveyor chain Biscuit production: 08B-1, -2, 12B, 16B, ANSI 40-1, 50-1

    4. Beer and beverages: The conveyor chain of the glass bottle washer is 500 meters away, and the roller chains 16B-1, 12B-1, 10B-1, 08B-1 are mainly used for packaging stations; for cola production, lubrication-free is required Chain. The filling machine uses ISO stainless steel conveyor chain


    1. High-speed wire: 12A-1 roller drive, about 1200 pieces, each about 1 meter, often replaced. The 160-1 lifting chain is framed up and down, about 50 meters, using imported chains.

    2. Bars: cooling bed conveyor chain, roller chain 12B-1, 16B-1, steel billet conveyor chain into the furnace.

    3. Hot rolling: steel billet heating furnace door lifting chain, 48B-1, -2 chain. Domestic chains will be replaced half a year and will break.

    4. Other workshops: a large number of roller chains and conveyor chains (non-standard, drawings are required)


    1. Round wood transportation: The special transportation chain of the bay board is easy to break, about 400 meters in a line. Wood cutting conveyor chain, about 200 meters.

    2. Slurry pool: ANSI 80-1 stainless steel chain. About 3000 meters.

    3. Waste paper workshop: waste paper conveyor chain, M160 with K2 attachment, about 250 meters.

    4. Deinking workshop: screw conveyor drive chain, ANSI 240-4, about 5 meters long.

    Open-pit mine rock drill: ANSI 160-1 chain, about 200 meters per machine.

    Container terminal: Forklifts BL1666, BL1266, BL1634, BL1688. Gantry crane (RTG) 160-1, 160V-1, 160-2, 28B-2

    Automatic production of sanitary napkins: ANSI160-1 with extension pins.

    Paper towel packaging machine: 08B-2 chain, 16B-1 chain.

    Wood-based panel factory: 08B-1, 08B-2, 10B-1, 10B-2, 12B-1, 12B-3, 16B-1, 16B-2, 40-1, 50-1, 60-2, 80- 2, 32B-1, 32B-2, 40B-1, 40B-2 and so on. Conveyor chain.

    Escalator: main drive roller chain 20B-2, 20B-3, 16B-1.

    Playground: Roller coaster lifts the conveyor chain. The rapids enter the conveyor chain bravely. Roller chain 16B-1, 20B-1


    1. General assembly workshop: about 2,000 meters of conveyor chains and a large number of roller chains, FLT chains.

    2. Drawing workshop: about 1500 meters of conveyor chains and a large number of roller chains, FLT chains, etc.

    3. Rain line (water test for the whole vehicle): 300 meters of conveyor chain.

    4. Engine assembly production line: conveyor chain and roller chain.

    Grain conveying machinery: ISO scraper conveyor chain.

    Power plant: conveyor chain of slag conveyor. Coal unloader and coal reclaimer at the coal terminal.


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