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    The characteristics of the conveyor chain

    2021-04-06 16:23:07

    Common features of conveyor chains:

    1. The ratio of the carrying capacity of the chain to the weight of the chain is small.

    2. The chain has good wear resistance.

    3. During operation, the frictional resistance between the chain and the guide rail is small.

    4. The chain is composed of chain links, chain plates, and accessories.

    5. When used in special working conditions, it must have impact resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance or corrosion resistance.

    Comparing the conveyor chain with the conveyor belt, the conveyor element of the chain has the following characteristics:

    1. On the conveyor chain, various accessories can be configured according to the requirements of material conveying, so as to maximize its conveying function.

    2. Different materials (including metal and non-metal) can be selected for the parts of the chain according to the conveying material and the environment, so as to effectively extend the service life of the chain and make it highly adaptable to the working environment Sex.

    3. The chain is convenient to be extended or shortened, which is more convenient to use.

    4. It has strong speed adaptability and can work at a very low speed.

    5. High conveying accuracy, easy to realize synchronous conveying, and flexible conveying.


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