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    E-mail: sales@gidi-chain.com

    Oilfield Roller Chains

    Standard: ISO/ANSI/DIN
    Size: Standard or Custom Size
    Material: Stainless Steel, carbon steel
    Type: Roller Chain
    Usage: Machinery Parts
    Packing: Plywood Case
    Certificate: ISO9001:2015
    Term: EXW, FOB, CIF or others can be discussed
    Port: Ningbo, Shanghai
    Min. Order: 500 Meters
    Delivery: 30 days after confirmation
    Supply Ability: 10000 Meter/Meters per Month
    Payment: 30% Deposit by T/T and the balance before shipment or against the copy B/L
    Shipping: EMS, FedEx, DHL, UPS, By Air & By Sea

    Our oilfield roller chain is a kind of transmission chain that is mainly installed on petroleum instrument. Its curved link joint makes it more suitable for heavy loads and intermittent working conditions. Know for its strong fatigue, impact and wear resistance, this oilfield roller chain can be applied in open type transmission conditions where there is dust around the chain.

    Feature of Oilfield Chains:
        High speed durability
        Greater fatigue resistance
        Superior impact resistance

    Oilfield chains are used on:
    ? Mud pump drives
    ? Engine compounds
    ? Tubular and casing draw works input
    ? Transmission drives
    ? Catshafts
    ? Coil tubing injector gripper and skate chains
    ? Low and high drum
    ? Rotary countershafts
    ? Rotary tables

    GIDI offers you a high performance design of a chain that is already the best.

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